ANDRE has been taking photos for more than 40 years. He studied under the incomparable Vincent Versace during their travels together across the globe.

Andre’s skills as a photojournalist allow him to capture one-of-a-kind wedding photos, both candid and posed.

In the first weeks of 2017, Andre won the Wedisson Best Wedding Photography 2017 award twice.

Andre also won the Wedisson Best Wedding Photography 2016 Award three times, the Wedaward International Photography Award eight times in 2016, and the Wedding and Portrait Society Award twice.

In 2016 he also won seven additional wedding photography awards, two awards for portrait photography, an award for child photography, and two awards for travel photography. He also received three Honorable Mentions for his work in the International Photography Awards 2016.

Andre also won the Jay Colton Award for Best Participant Portfolio at the Fotofusion event hosted by the Palm Beach Photographic Center.

Five of Andre's images which were placed as part of the permanent photography collection at the Breast Cancer wing of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Center.

Fifty of his images were featured in an exhibition titled Capturing at the Speed of Life in Delray Beach hosted by the Palm Beach Photographic Center

Andre's fine art photography book Images of Solitude was published in 1992 by Spectrum America.

Andre is also a big fan of tennis and chess. Andre is a USCF (United States Chess Federation) and FIDE (International Federation) Chess Master, and has won numerous titles including Golden Knights Champion (US Correspondence), Manhattan Chess Club Amateur Champion, and CCLA Team Champion First Board.