We would like to take a moment and Thank You for a job well done!
As we have had the pleasure of looking through all the photos, we are actually fully there at the wedding for the very first time! Capturing all those moments we didn’t see happening has made the memories even more special. The pictures are breathtaking! The Bride and Groom are thrilled with them! You, and all of the crew have been a pleasure to work with. Always keeping us calm, smiling, and in good humor!

Your staff in the office, Malissa and Kaylie have been so sweet, helpful, and professional each time we needed something. Please Thank them as well.
We are so excited to see the rest moving forward. Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much we appreciate all you have done so far.

We can’t wait to share it all with our friends and family!
— Yanky and Sharona
Dear Andre,

Wow! And wow again. You did an amazing and fantastic job doing the photography at Chana’s wedding...

I would simply like to thank you for the kind, sensitive, professional, personable, and dedicated manner in which you and your fabulous crew showed up at our wedding. Everything was done with pleasantness, humor, respect, and a determination to capture each special moment without intruding on them or otherwise manipulating them.

Both the groom’s side and our side felt that you and your crew sought to understand and honor our wishes and take your cues from the family. And that really mattered to us. It is common to hear horror stories of photographers that did not have enough discretion to know their place, overstepping boundaries and getting in the way. You did just the opposite and that respect, sensitivity, and discretion were felt throughout the wedding. And often that was felt by not “feeling” your presence at all, even though you, the photographers, and videographers, were exactly where you needed to be to create visual poetry of each moment. So thank you for that. The great people skills that you and your crew have, in addition to your renowned technical skills, was a very pleasant surprise. Brilliant and sought-after artists of your caliber can sometimes present as somewhat arrogant, superior, or mercurial. That was not at all our experience with you. Humble, friendly, caring, with a zestful and playful personality - those are a few of the adjectives I would use to describe the way you showed up with us. As an example of this, when I was stressed out about unfinished seating cards, and when my family was stressed out about my being stressed out, you handled the whole situation with grace and good-humor. When various family members demanded certain poses/pictures while you were simultaneously busy taking with other pictures, you just figured out how to manage it all diplomatically.

Both the groom’s side, as well as ours, remarked that they had so much fun taking pictures with you and your crew. My daughter especially, who was so nervous, had such a good time taking pictures. When she told the groom, he excitedly shared similar sentiments. For that alone I thank you. I had no idea a photographer could bring out the best in people in this way and create such positive energy. Wow.

And it wasn’t because you were too busy cracking jokes and giving a good time to attend to the serious business of picture-taking. What I think really happened is that we all were able to feel coming back at us the fun, delight, and enjoyment that you and your crew experience when you are busy with your art. The love for what you all do really came through.

You give everyone around you a great time because you love what you do. You are actually HAVING a great time. I heard of photographers detracting from the wedding, but you helped create a great feeling all around, putting everyone at ease and into a great mood. You and your crew dealt with our own rough edges and orneriness with real style and panache. Thank you, thank you.

Your advice regarding lighting, flowers, and colors was helpful, as well...

...I think that I discovered that an important source for your work comes simply from your big heart and your good-heartedness. Your enjoyment of people, your curiosity about them, your innate respect for them, and your willingness and patience to explore, Who is this person? This couple? This family? What is the story behind the story of this person? What are the dynamics in this relationship? - I think they all come from your big heart. You show a different and unique side of people because those people are not just “photography- subjects”, they are people in whom you are invested and who you care about. A good example is the way you work hard to learn and use names to address individuals in the wedding party. After all, why bother if you may not even see these people again? But you are a connector and you care, so you do it, and I think your pictures are different because of that. In any case, your delightful and pleasant personality, and wry, subtler, somewhat acerbic sense of humor, brought something unique to our family’s photography experience at the wedding. Thank you.

Thank you for being a real class-act and enhancing our very special day.
— Shira P.
We never thought we would have such a beautiful wedding album! Kaylie is unbelievably professional, talented, creative, PATIENT, and accommodating. No matter how many times we drove her crazy she always made us happy in her easygoing way. We - and everyone who looks at it - are thrilled with our album, it’s definitely the most unique and beautiful album we’ve ever seen. It’s really special to us not just because it’s our wedding album, but because it’s an absolute work of art! Kaylie and everyone else at Andre Reichmann Photography were so pleasant to work with and so accommodating, they really went out of their way for us throughout the whole process. Recommended to the highest possible degree!

Thanks again for all your time and for the most gorgeous album!
— Elana
There are no words that can describe our excitement when we saw the album today. It’s beyond stunning. We are extremely grateful for the beautiful album which captures our wedding so magnificently.
— Raacheli & Shlomo
After watching the teaser trailer, maybe about 7 or 8 times over, I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing work you did. The video is just amazing and I find myself constantly watching it and browsing through the stunning plethora of pictures.
No question we’d recommend Andre Reichmann Photography to anyone and everyone.
Thank you again!
— Ayala and Gideon
Just wanted to let you know that you should be so proud of your son Michael David. He is a delightful young man and was a pleasure to work with. He has a wonderful disposition and attitude. He made the whole night more pleasant. . . . I would highly recommend him and hope to use him again!
— Estee R.

Moishe and I were delighted to receive our kids wedding proofs. The pictures are artful and beautiful, and we can’t wait to see the movies. The entire crew were very nice and a real pleasure to work with, thank you!
Have a good Shabbos
— Faigy
Our wedding video came out so beautiful, exactly what I wanted! Thanks again!!
— Rivky
Just a note to let you know we received the wedding proofs and they are beautiful! It’s going to be hard to pick out pictures for the album as they are all gorgeous!
— Yitz and Etty
The photos you took of my sister in laws wedding are breathtaking!
— Devorah
I am quoting Eva about our trailer ‘I LOVE IT!!!!’
— Aaron
Wow thank you so much!! Every single picture is incredible I don’t know how we are going to choose specific ones for the album :) - my husband and I are so happy! We never thought we would like our wedding pictures this much!! Thanks so much for the incredible talent :)
— All the best, Civi
Mr. Reichman is an amazing photographer and such a lovely person. We enjoyed his company at the Bar Mitzvah and will enjoy his talent for years to come.
— Tamara
It was so easy to work with everybody by the wedding. You all were truly amazing!! Thank you so much for short video the day after the wedding!! To have such a beautiful video ready less than 24 hours after the wedding is truly remarkable!! We have watched that video many many many times:) We can not wait to see all the beautiful pictures. Thank you for enhancing our special day!
— Sima and Zevi
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