Here we will answer some common questions we get asked about our studio.

General Information

What kind of pictures do you take?

We make sure to accommodate all tastes, and our photos cover a wide range of styles, including traditional, eclectic, and creative. We also make an effort to find out from our clients exactly which kinds of images they are hoping to have from their event.

Do you offer video services as well?

Yes. We offer a wide range of video packages and our expert cinematographers have years of experience. You can see some samples here.

What are your studio's qualifications?

Our staff includes over a dozen highly-trained editors, more than six full-time in-house photographers and cinematographers with over sixty years of combined experience, dedicated album designers, and customer service agents. Our studio's work has been published by dozens of contests, magazines, galleries, and award publications throughout the United States and internationally. In 2016 alone Andre and his son Michael won more than forty awards.

How long have you been in the photography business?

Andre started taking pictures more than 40 years ago, and his son Michael has been studying photography under him since the age of ten. Together they turned their hobby into a thriving (and award-winning) business. You can read more about their story here.

Who is the better photographer: Andre? Or his son Michael?

We aren't impartial judges, so we invite you to decide.

Andre has years of publications, awards, and gallery shows under his belt, and continues to study under some of the greatest names in the world of photography. You can see Andre's work on Instagram here, and see a collection of some of his favorite images here. You can read Andre's bio here.

Michael studied (and continues to study) photography under Andre for nearly 15 years, and constantly draws off of his father's creative eye for inspiration. You can read his full bio here, see a collection of many of his favorite and award-winning photos here, and see more of his work on his own Instagram here.

Who's your best photographer?

Each team member has a unique style. Andre always says, "We select photographers who see things differently." As a result, we ended up with a diverse team of photographers who each have specific talents. When assembling the team that will cover your event, we will go over the specific pictures you loved most from our galleries, and pair you with the ideal photographer to suit your event's needs. You can see our three top photographer's bios here, and pick which style is best for you.

Does your studio have insurance?

Yes. We have comprehensive liability, equipment, medical, and disability insurance. We can furnish certificates of liability to venues if requested.

How much do you charge for weddings and other events?

You can see our base price here. To see more comprehensive quotes and pricing for your event, please contact us.

Do you offer aerial cinematography by drone for outdoor events? Are drones safe?

Yes. You can see some sample Aerial Cinematography here. We have fully-licensed professional aerial photographers and cinematographers that are available from our studio. However, we do not guarantee that we will be able to operate aircraft at all events, due to county, city, and Air Traffic Control restrictions. We take weather patterns and crosswinds into account before flying to ensure safe flight and steady footage. You may reserve a drone for your event at no charge, but we reserve the right to withhold drone flight due to any dangerous or illegal flight conditions.

How can I have pictures or video from my event featured on your Instagram?

If you'd like to have your event featured on our Instagram feed, simply fill in your Instagram account name in the appropriate field on your contract. Alternatively, you can always give that information to one of our team members or include it in an email.

My family is very private, and would prefer not to have any pictures posted on Instagram. How can I make sure I'm not on your Instagram feed?

Simply note in writing "no posting" when signing your contract. If by chance you didn't inform our social media team and we post something you'd like removed from our feed, please notify us directly by emailing Due to overwhelming volume, we cannot reply directly to any messages sent to our Instagram account. Any takedown requests sent via any form other than email will be ignored.

Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and Other Events

Before the Event

Who will photograph my event? Will it be Andre, his son Michael, or a different photographer?

Your contract will explicitly state whether or not Michael or Andre will be guaranteed for your event. When possible, Andre will photograph select events at request. Michael runs many of these events himself, and has many years of experience and dozens of awards.

You're in good hands with any member of our staff. We hand-pick the very best photographers in the business, and we guarantee professionalism and courtesy at every step. Our team has more than 60 collective years of experience, and has serviced hundreds of amazing events. You can see Michael's work here. And you can read more about our other top talents here.

Is it possible to book both Michael David and Andre to photograph my event?

We can only guarantee both Michael and Andre together at an event with some of our highest-end packages. We will make every effort to send the photographers best tailored to your tastes, and with any of our team members you will have the same award-winning creativity and style our studio is known for.

Can I meet my photographer before booking the event?

We try our best to honor each and every meeting request we receive. We would love to meet each and every potential client who contacts us for an inquiry, but we are often very busy photographing events, editing pictures, or designing albums for our clients. If you contact us, we will make every effort to arrange a meeting.

When do you consider an event date reserved? Can you hold a date for me while I check if my venue/band/florist are available?

After we receive the initial deposit and signed contract, we will send you an email explicitly confirming that the date is held and booked. YOUR EVENT IS NOT BOOKED NOR IS THE DATE HELD UNTIL WE RECEIVE YOUR DEPOSIT AND EXPLICITLY STATE THAT THE DATE IS HELD AND BOOKED.

We do not "soft hold" any dates for anyone for any reason without a deposit. We do not reserve any dates without deposit.

If you were the first party to call for a given date, we will give you priority in booking and will try our best to inform you if someone else wants to book for the same date. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY BOOKING AT ANY TIME AND FOR ANY REASON BEFORE DEPOSIT AND CONTRACT ARE RECEIVED.

Do you ever take multiple jobs on the same date?

Yes, we double-book some dates. We have several full-time photographers and cinematographers, so we have enough staff to shoot two to three events on a single day.

Can you service two or three-day events?


Do you shoot destination weddings? Are you willing to travel for a photo session? Do you charge for travel?

Yes. We assess any travel or destination bookings on a case-by-case basis. Be sure to contact us about your destination wedding or event.

What is the best wedding venue in New York?

New York has tens of thousands of different venues for many different types of events. Some venues are built to house dozens, others are made to host thousands. We have worked with many venues, and always discover new locations through our clients. We encourage you to do research, and are always happy to share our thoughts on any venues you may have questions about.

We always try to tag the location of a shoot or event, so you can try and find your favorite spots on our Instagram, and see for yourself which place might be best suited to your event's needs.

Will you be in touch with the caterer about scheduling the photoshoot?

We can speak with the caterer to help with scheduling at your request. We work with dozens of caterers, venues, and vendors, and have developed a relationship with many of them. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to speak to them directly about scheduling.

We recommend you contact us as soon as the caterer gives you any sort of schedule so we can advise you about timing your photo session on the day of the event.

How should I schedule the makeup artist, hair stylist, dresser, bridal attendant, etc.? Is it okay if I'm running a little late on the day of the event?

We recommend that you contact us directly before consulting with the hair and makeup artists on scheduling.

I have a specific song I'd like to include in my trailer (Vimeo) or full-length video. How do I send that to you?

We require that any images, video clips, or songs be sent to the studio in a thumb drive or physical disk BEFORE the date of the event. We can not and do not guarantee that we will be able to include any materials provided any later than three full business days before the event.

My grandmother/great aunt/childhood best friend/pet dog will only be at the wedding for five minutes, how will you know who they are? Will you be able to get a picture of them before they leave?

If you contact us before your event and give us a list of any such guests or family members, we will try our best to make sure we get some pictures of them during the event. Keep in mind that we have never met these guests, and will likely need you to point them out to us.

Also, if you hire only one photographer for your wedding, and one of these special guests arrives during the ceremony and then leaves, we WILL NOT be able to leave the ceremony to take their picture. Please keep this in mind when booking and planning your event with us.

How do I point out these guests to my photographer?

We will try our best to ask you who the most important guests and family members are, and will always take as many pictures of as many guests as time and conditions allow. We recommend that you point these people out to our team members as guests start arriving.

After the Event

When will I see my pictures online? When will my proofs arrive in the mail?

Please see your event package details to see proofing schedule. Your contract will explicitly state the delivery schedule of both your digital and physical proof delivery.

Please keep in mind that ALL OF OUR PROOFS ARE PROFESSIONALLY COLOR-CORRECTED AND EDITED. Any photography studio offering you all of your event photos within a few days at no extra charge is not editing or retouching them to make sure your photos look their best. We believe that art takes time. And while we do offer expedited delivery of your pictures, we want to ensure all final products meet our standards.

When will I see my trailer on Vimeo? When will my full-length wedding or event video be ready?

Your contract and proposal will explicitly state delivery schedules.

As we said previously in regard to delivery of online and physical proofs, we put quality first. We want you to watch your event video again and again. We are not just delivering a simple video. We are creating something that is meaningful to you.

Any studio offering delivery of your video the next few days at no additional cost does so at the expense of quality.

Have a question you don't see answered here? Please contact us.