I have a confession to make.

I hate having my photo taken. Absolutely can't stand it. It’s up there somewhere between paper cut and a root canal.

Oh sure, when the camera is in my hands, it’s all good. But when the lens turns to focus on me, I loose my cool. I don’t know how to stand. Or what to do with my face. All I can think of is,”Are we done yet?”

Sound familiar?

The reality is that, aside from the casual selfie, most of us have never actually spent much time in front of a camera. Why would we? We’re not professional actors or models, and suddenly the spotlight is glaring down on us. The process is scary.

And besides, we can’t all be Prince Charming.

Or can we?

The thing is, you guys don’t really need to worry. Because I’m looking out for you. I’m going to make you look and feel your best.

Here’s what you can do to help me out, in the week before the shoot, and on the Big Day:

1. Get some sleep. Not the easiest when you’re stressing over a big event. But remember why you are doing this in the first place, and rest in thoughts of the happiness to come, right? Focus on the joy, not the logistics.  Get in as much physical activity as you can handle leading up to the big day. The endorphins released during exercise will keep you feeling great, and help you sleep. 

2. Keep hydrated. Drink lots of pure water, eat water dense fruits and vegetables (like grapes, cucumbers, leafy greens and citrus fruit), and try some coconut water too. If you're fasting, you're probably dehydrated, and by the time you're actually feeling thirsty and fatigued, it may be too late. Besides keeping you well, staying hydrated will pass toxins through your system, which will combat extra weight and make your skin look alive and healthy. Added bonus: water has a cooling effect, which helps when we’re nervous. And under lights.

3. Speaking of your skin...Pay attention to it. Guys, I know. It’s not really something we think about. But it does make a difference. Stick to a regular, gentle cleansing routine using natural, chemical-free products. 

4. Stand tall. Poor posture makes everyone look terrible, and deflates your confidence. No matter what your body type, standing up straight helps immensely. Arch your back, too. If you’re skinny, it gives you a stronger presence. If you are heavier-set it gives you a slimmer line. Another svelte (slim and elegant) secret? Button your jacket. You might also want to pass on that third helping of kugel (aka a bunch of oil held together with a few flakes of potato) in the days leading up to the shoot.

And, last, but not least...

5. “Act natural.” Easier said than done. 
I mean, at a photo shoot we aren’t exactly in our natural state, are we?
Try this: think of the last great meal you ate.
Recall how it smelled, tasted, how good it made you feel.

Got it?


We've got this one.