They make us happy just holding them.

And that fragrance...

In perfume, single floral notes capture the aroma of one particular flower, while a floral bouquet combines scents of several flowers in harmony.

Interesting that flowers and music are referenced as one feeling. I find that appropriate. After all, they both bring joy to the recipient.

So, when choosing a wedding bouquet, why go for the obvious?

Why not make it distinctive?

It’s a very special detail, after all. And, as your photographer, I’m going to share a few secrets with you.


Color. Any color. Just as long there is some color in the bouquet. Please. I beg of you. 

White flowers, against your gown, simply don’t photograph well.  Of course, the color in the bouquet should match the decor to some extent, but you have so many choices here...I say go for it. This gives you so many more colorizing options in a photo. Whether soft or rich, color pops against your white gown, and plays off the textures beautifully.

Shape. Keep it round. Or round-ish. It doesn’t have to be a ball, but it needs a good form to keep it photogenic. Believe it or not, red carnations make some of the best bouquets. They may be inexpensive, but artistically, they work.

Stems. Who on earth thinks about stems? I do. I use them artistically in a shot. Stems that are too long look droopy, and call attention to themselves, so keep them moderate. The best? A nice thick base. Short, full stems that can allow the bouquet to stand upright in photos give us options for gorgeous, interesting looks.



White orchids.  Sorry, ladies. I know these are a favorite. I have nothing personally against orchids, mind you. But they photograph terribly. White on white, again, just won’t do you any justice in a photo. Plus they don’t have a good shape as a bouquet. And they fall apart very easily. They’re too delicate to withstand a long day of being carried around, out of water. Leave them at home. 

Glued-in rhinestones.  When bejeweled touches are affixed to a bouquet, instead of adding to the beauty, it actually detracts. It takes away from your ring. And your ring is very special.

“Pointed” bouquets. Why?  Because these types of bouquets  make an incredibly awkward shape in photos, and in person. There is just no flattering way to hold a pointed bouquet. Period. 

Speaking of, another no-no is pointy things sticking up out of a bouquet. Be it spiked flowers or decorative touches jutting out like little arrows, one thing you need to know: when you hold them up to your pretty face, it looks like you have strange things growing out of your nose. I’m just saying. 

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that what works in a vase doesn’t necessarily work in a bouquet. Need a few fresh ideas?

Why not try zinnias, anemones, narcissus, sunflowers...miniature dafodils...dahlias? Try traditional beauties like cabbage roses with berries and herbs for stunning seasonal blends. Let your imagination wander, and enjoy yourself!

Be sure to check our Beautiful Botanicals board on Pinterest for more inspiration.