For some, music is like air freshener.

It’s in the background somewhere. You don’t really pay it much attention. But it keeps the air pleasant. For others, music is of great importance.

We love the way it makes us feel. The way it lifts our spirits. The complex arrangements, the variety of sounds, the sheer power moves us every time we hear it.

Aaron Teitelbaum is an avid music fan, and an attendee of more weddings than most, I get to hear and see quite a variety of musicians playing live.

When it’s time to book a band for your wedding, Bar/Bat Mitvah, or engagement party, what do you look for? What do you listen for?

Bands are wholly worth spending on. Here are a few ways to maximize the music:

1. Work the Strings. Several string instruments in the entrance create an elegant atmosphere. From the moment you step into the hall, and you hear those lilting, timeless melodies, the tone is set for something very special. Your mood is lifted. A classic ambiance is created instantly. Go for at least two violins, a viola, and a cello for the ultimate sound.

2. Let the Horns Sound! When it comes to horns, the more the merrier! Saxophones, trumpets, and trombones blast out the festivities like no other. Ideally, a 12-piece band or orchestra is what you want to go for. If budget is an issue, you can get away with an 8-piece and still have it sound great. But don’t go less than 5-piece. Honestly, it really is worth the money.

3. Mix it Up. On the fence about hiring a DJ? Again, money well spent. I am so not a guy who dances (have you seen my "moves" on the dance floor?), but even I can't help myself when a great mix is happening. It makes even me want to get up and groove. (Stop laughing.)
Seriously, there’s really nothing more refreshing after a long day. Go for it.

4. The System Matters. So you have all these awesome people hired to make your party the best ever. Congrats! But you forgot something. The sound system. It matters. Why? Because with a good one, you’re enhancing the richness of what these musicians are giving, isolating the instruments and their unique sounds. Not sure where to start? When you are hiring the band, talk to them about it. They will know if the hall has a good in-house system, and if not, how to go about renting one.

Whatever the occasion, whatever your budget, there is music all around that can make it incredibly memorable.

So set the mood, put your dancing shoes on, and hit the high notes!